New Features: Workforce Analytics, SmartPDF, Watchpoints, and More

We have made the data extraction process smoother, added task performance analysis, revamped process comparison, created SmartPDF optionality and set up watchpoints monitoring. Here’s a quick overview.

Smart Connectors

Connect, extract, transform – all under one roof with FUTUROOT’s Extraction functionality. It will help the FUTUROOT platform to integrate seamlessly with your source system, making raw data extraction a much smoother process. The user-friendly SQL editor helps you transform raw data into event logs.

FUTUROOT’s Extraction functionality


Organisational Mining with FUTUROOT Workforce Analytics (FWA)

To help you understand the dynamics and collaboration flow within the workforce, FUTUROOT introduces analytics based on organisational mining techniques. FUTUROOT Workforce Analytics (FWA) provides process owners with visibility into how employees efficiently and effectively perform their tasks. It helps answer such questions as: How big is the overall workload? or How individual users are interacting with each other? It also comes with the flexibility to analyse interactions based on the number of cases and number of events in the process.

FUTUROOT Workforce Analytics functionality


Simplified Process Comparison with Multi-Dimensional Analysis

The new Process Comparison feature allows users to compare the process across different dimensions. You can select from several dimension options for each process map or compare a process for one dimension value (or set of dimensions) with a value of a different dimension.

FUTUROOT new comparison scree


Download & save the entire process in an interactive SmartPDF form with the option to navigate from one page to another. As a part of management reporting/MIS, it provides all the key information related to process analytics with smart navigations to quickly view the relevant details.

FUTUROOT Smart PDF functionality

FUTUROOT Watchpoints: Pro-actively Monitor Your Processes

FUTUROOT Watchpoints allows the users to monitor different business rules defined for a process as a part of internal process controls, audit & compliance requirements. You can configure the rules with an acceptable metric value along-with any buffer/tolerance according to the business policies.

The users will get notifications of any change in the status withing the FUTUROOT application as well as over an email exchange (if required).

FUTUROOT Watchpoint
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