Variant Explorer

Don't Miss On Any Variation of Your Process 

In the ideal world, processes run according to the prescribed rules. However, we don’t live in an ideal world. Learn how to spot all the process variants with FUTUROOT. 

Process Explorer

Optimise Processes Based on Detailed Analysis

To successfully implement improvements across all business operations, you need to know how your processes are behaving in real life. For that, interactive process maps and visualisations will come in handy.

FUTUROOT Analytics

Process Health at Glance

FUTUROOT Analytics provides the user with a holistic analytical view of a particular scenario or use case. Employing the feature, you can drill in, accessing trends, the number of cases impacted, and associated data at any process dimension level.  

Process Conformance

Uncover Deviations of Your As-Is Process and Address Them

Dive into the deviations of your “as-is” process as compared to the ideal process written on paper. This will help you maintain process standardisation across the whole organisation as well as avoid potential regulatory issues.

Process Comparison

Compare Processes Across Organisation and Focus on the Right Ones

Processes can vary across organisation, both in time and by country. Detect the process that is functioning closest to the ideal model under real-life situations. Then benchmark the rest of the processes to it and drive incremental change.

Workforce Analytics

Investigate Process on User Level

Workforce Analytics within FUTUROOT focuses on the macro (process) level, analysing the collaboration between different users and their ability to execute various tasks in a process


Work With Right Data From Right Systems

Process mining connectors are tools or plugins that allow process mining software to extract data from various systems – ERP, CRM, and other databases. They enable the FUTUROOT solution to access data stored in these systems and use it to map processes and perform process analysis.

KPI Monitoring

Keep Track of Your Business Performance with KPI Monitoring

FUTUROOT’s KPI Monitoring allows businesses to track their critical business KPIs. You will get a bird’s eye view of your business performance and identify trends that can help you make informed decisions about your optimisation efforts.

Organisational Mining

Driving Compliance and Employee Performance with Organisational Mining

Organisational mining is a FUTUROOT feature that enables business analysts, process owners, and key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the interactions and collaborations between different users in an organisation.

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