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Process Intelligence Simplified

One Platform

Infinite Possibilities

Every business runs on complex processes

Getting end-to-end visibility is difficult

Inefficiencies & opportunities stay undetected path-line

Leaders need accurate process insights

Where is change required?
What is the change?
How will it impact the business?


Turn insights into
actions. FUTUROOT is
a cloud based
Process Intelligence

Turn insights into
actions. FUTUROOT is
a cloud based
Process Intelligence

accelerate your
business transformation

FUTUROOT Sphere of Influence

Business Processes
Analysed by FUTUROOT


FUTUROOT seamlessly integrates with your SAP ERP systems. Our intelligent and secure connectors can capture data in scheduled or real time mode. FUTUROOT can perform full or delta loads of transactional data.

FUTUROOT seamlessly integrates with your SAP ERP systems. Our intelligent and secure connectors can capture data in scheduled or real time mode. FUTUROOT can perform full or delta loads of transactional data.
Our intelligent process maps dynamically analyse your current AS-IS processes. They highlight variations from best practice and help you focus on taking corrective action.

Variant Analysis

Typically, business processes are defined and executed based on the knowledge of individuals within the business. This can lead to a multitude of variations within the same process. FUTUROOT analyses the data and visually represents the process flows in an intuitive manner. Users can then quickly focus and prioritise actions based on time, cost and effort.

Smart Filtering

Each process and the variation can be filtered to pick out certain aspects that you wish to investigate further. For example, in the P2P cycle, you can explore a particular supplier or even a specific product which the organisation purchases.

Snapshot Analysis

FUTUROOT allows you to create multiple snapshots of process insights. This allows you to compare, contrast and evaluate the impact of corrective actions.
Process Conformance analyses the AS-IS process in comparison with the ideal process based on a defined set of attributes and factors.

Root Cause Analysis

This feature allows the user to understand the root cause of process non – conformance and highlights the potential areas improvement for improvement.

Process Violation Analysis

Delivers visualisation of process deviations in comparison to the ideal process based on a defined set of attributes and factors.
Performance metrics provide an efficient way to analyse KPIs and collaborate with the teams by sharing performance analytics in the form of interactive charts.

KPI Management

Provides industry standard KPIs along with the ability for users to create and customise additional KPIs.

Performance Dashboard

User can build dashboards using pre-defined KPIs and Charts. These can be shared with other users to review the performance of key processes across the organisation.

Imagine the Possibilities

Understanding use cases for your business

The Smart Think Different
Smart Corp is seeing a sudden spike in cancelled client orders due to delays in delivery. ‍ They implement FUTUROOT and instantly trace the problem back to their vendor supply chain.
Within minutes, the team isolates the problem to a single critical component supplier, who had been issuing invoices with incorrect PO numbers. Quick decision-making enabled by this insight resolves the issue in a matter of days.
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The Big Idea
The new CXO at Big Inc has been mandated by the board to drive digital transformation. Seeing the legacy processes of the company, the CXO can see a clear case for implementing RPA.
But two critical questions remain unanswered: What should be automated? What’s the ROI of implementation? With FUTUROOT, the CXO gets a clear view of the entire process chain and identifies 3 candidates for RPA. Not only that, he also gets precise dollar values of the impact of automation.
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Process Intelligence has
benefitted companies


Faster Customer Onboarding

for a European Bank


Faster Case Resolution

for a Computer Hardware Company


Perfect PO Rate

for a Global Telco Major


Manual Steps Removed

for a Global Telco Major

Our Story

The catalyst for creating FUTUROOT was ultimately derived from the numerous consulting engagements the founders have executed. The common thread was a complete lack of visibility in organisational processes and complexity in deriving actionable insights from process audits. It was clear that an easy to use solution was required to analyse processes, deliver smart insights and quickly make evidence backed decisions.

Prathamesh Bhingarde

Managing Director

Anand from Futuroot

Anand Argade

Director of Product Development

Rajeshwari Bhattacharyya

Chief Innovation Officer

Vinay Pardeshi

Chief Solution Architect

Basim Wangde

Senior Technical Lead

The Power of Serendipity

As an SAP Gold Partner and an UiPath Silver Partner, Percipere has been digitally transforming business processes for nearly half a decade. The team, composed of hand-picked technology talent, has delivered hundreds of ERP, EPM, BI and Automation projects for a global clientele, including Fortune 500 companies.
This combination of proven tech skills and deep business understanding formed the perfect foundation for developing a Simplified Process Intelligence platform: FUTUROOT.

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Prathamesh B

My passion is to enable organisations in unlocking the true potential of systems, data and processes to run simple, drive growth, and provide a competitive business advantage. My role with Futuroot is to guide customers in realizing the true potential of process mining and process intelligence analytics using our proprietary process intelligence platform - Futuroot. This objective is backed by years of global consulting and technology experience gained across industry segments, to help every business run better.

Anand Argade

In a dynamic environment it is now becoming extremely important for organizations to convert into "Friction-less Enterprises" by having streamlined & optimized business processes with an efficient & effective usage of process automation tools based on Process Mining and Robotic Process automation. This involves undergoing Digital Transformation with minimal disruptions to the running systems & processes to avoid any major business impact

As Chief Innovation Officer of Futuroot platform, my role is to analyse, design and architect functionalities for key aspects of Process Mining - Process map, conformance and comparison with a structured process mining approach to identify key improvement and cost saving opportunities. As an innovation lead, I am also responsible for augmenting the Platform with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities Having worked on various Digital Transformation and Process Improvement projects, I can help in offering tailor-made solutions to unique business challenges.


A seasoned Organisational change management professional, IT Cum Business Process/ Operations transformational expert with over 28 years of experience across multiple industry segments including Financial services, Insurance and Media & Entertainment industries. As part of leading engagements, successfully transformed Organisations to the next level - from building the first Indian Equity Derivatives Professional Clearing Member solutions to implementing the first Investment linked Insurance Product to driving Technology strategy and Digital Growth and expansion for a leading Media conglomerate

Academically a qualified Cost Accountant, management grad from INSEAD with certification in Cyber Security from Harvard University, a Certified Ethical Hacker and Blockchain certification from Blockchain Council and Linux Foundation, I bring my penchant for Finance with my faculties to align Tech roadmaps to build the top line for Organisations at a more accelerated pace.

Vinay Pardesi

Futuroot is a collaborative business process intelligence platform supporting the full spectrum of process mining functionality.

My role at Futuroot include helping design platform and application architecture, leading application security and spearheading deployment of solution and roadmap to make Futuroot the Global Process mining platform of choice for large enterprise business segment

As a Chief Solution Architect, my role is to create a technical vision and guide the team of exceptional engineers to turn it into a reality. Moreover, it includes analysing the project and rectifying any errors found in the process and also troubleshooting any technical issues that involve software development, engineering tasks and product releases.

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