Workforce Analytics

Investigate Process on User Level

Workforce Analytics within FUTUROOT focuses on the macro (process) level, analysing the collaboration between different users and their ability to execute various tasks in a process

User-Centric Analysis Instead of Activity-Centric

Workforce Analytics is more of a user-centric analysis rather than the typical activity-centric analysis visualised as process flows or maps.

Workforce Analytics is a helping hand to process owners who will be able to identify how efficiently and effectively employees perform the tasks. It also gives them the flexibility to analyse the interactions based on the number of cases and number of events in the process.

Workforce Analytics

Multiple Dimensions of the User-Centric Analysis

Workforce Analytics advances the assessment of how quickly workers complete tasks inside a process, locating bottlenecks, pinpointing areas that could be improved, and analysing how employees use their time and resources to find out if they are being over– or underutilised.


Process compliance analysis is assessing how well employees follow set policies and procedures and locating any potential problem areas. Analysis of the skills and competencies of employees operating inside a process identifies areas that may require more training or support by looking at these employees’ abilities and competencies.

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