Work With Right Data From Right Systems

Process mining connectors are tools or plugins that allow process mining software to extract data from various systems – ERP, CRM, and other databases. They enable the FUTUROOT solution to access data stored in these systems and use it to map processes and perform process analysis.

Import Your Event Logs With Built-in SAP Connectors

To deliver a successful process mining project, you need to start with extracting the right data from the right systems. FUTUROOT comes with ready-to-use expandable dynamic SAP connectors for your end-to-end process analysis.

With our long consulting history as SAP consultants, our connectors are primarily optimized for SAP ERP systems. These built-in SAP connectors work with all SAP ECC and S/4HANA releases.

Using FUTUROOT user-friendly SQL editor, you can transform raw data into event logs. Our solution is also capable of managing a delta load as well as a full load.

FUTUROOT allows the import of event logs from your business systems for building models that can represent your actual business processes. With Event Log Imports, FUTUROOT can rebuild your processes, tracing the sequence of every single case passing through your enterprise systems. It provides an updated and transparent snapshot of your process’s health and state.

Connect, Extract, Transform – Under One Roof

FUTUROOT acts as an integration platform for running Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) pipelines thanks to our built-in scheduler.

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