FUTUROOT Analytics

Process Health at Glance

FUTUROOT Analytics provides the user with a holistic analytical view of a particular scenario or use case. Employing the feature, you can drill in, accessing trends, the number of cases impacted, and associated data at any process dimension level.

Dive Deeper & Analyse Reworks, Root Causes, Bottlenecks

FUTUROOT Analytics offers a complete overview of how a scenario operates under a given set of conditions.

For example, a typical rework scenario. It may show that a high number of purchase orders are being rejected by suppliers due to incorrect information, causing the process to go back to the procurement team for correction. Root Cause analysis may show that the rework is caused by a lack of training for the procurement team on how to complete purchase orders correctly.

Based on the analysis, the process owner can provide recommendations for reducing rework in the Procure-to-Pay process through additional training for the procurement team or implementing a system for checking the accuracy of purchase orders before they are sent to suppliers.

As for bottleneck analysis, the process mining solution will analyse for example a manufacturing company’s event logs, visualise the process flows and highlight the bottlenecks in real time.
This allows the company to see that a bottleneck is occurring at the assembly line due to a lack of resources, such as workers or machinery. The process analyst can then suggest solutions such as adding more workers or upgrading equipment to alleviate the bottleneck and improve overall efficiency.

Stay Ahead With Your Efficiency Improvement Initiatives

You can use the FUTUROOT Analytics feature to answer a variety of questions related to process performance and optimisation. Some of the questions would include

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