FUTUROOT’s July 2024 Release: Here’s What We Have in Store

FUTUROOT's July 2024 Release: Here’s What We Have in Store

In an era where operational excellence is the linchpin of corporate success, process mining has emerged as a crucial tool for organisations striving to optimise their workflows and stay ahead of the competition. FUTUROOT, a frontrunner in the process mining space, is set to unveil its July 2024 release, introducing powerful features that redefine how businesses analyse, optimise, and transform their processes.

As senior industry leaders tasked with steering your companies through increasingly complex operational landscapes, you understand the paramount importance of reliable process intelligence for decision-making. FUTUROOT’s latest release continues to address this need head-on, adding cutting-edge capabilities that allow you to visualise your processes in high definition and evolve as required.

Let’s delve into the new features that make this release a potential game-changer for enterprises across sectors.

KPI-Based Sorting: A New Dimension in Variant Explorer

The Variant Explorer has long been a cornerstone of FUTUROOT’s offering, allowing users to dissect process variations precisely. The July 2024 release takes this capability to new heights with the introduction of KPI-based sorting for Process Variants. This feature empowers users to arrange Process Variants using custom-created Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as sorting criteria.

KPI-Based Sorting: A New Dimension in Variant Explorer - Varient Explorer Snap Shot

Why does this matter? In the complex tapestry of modern business processes, not all variants are created equal. Some may be more critical to your bottom line, while others might be prime candidates for optimisation. By allowing you to sort variants based on KPIs that align with your specific business goals, FUTUROOT enables you to identify which process variations deserve your immediate attention quickly.

Moreover, adding process violations as a default sorting criterion in Conformance analysis is a boon for compliance-focused industries like Financial Services and Healthcare. This feature allows you to pinpoint deviations from standard procedures rapidly, ensuring that your processes not only meet efficiency standards but also adhere to regulatory requirements.

KPI-Based Sorting: A New Dimension in Variant Explorer - Conformance Snap Shot

BPMN in Variant Explorer: Bridging the Gap Between Analysis and Implementation

Translating process mining insights into actionable improvements can be an uphill task for many organisations. FUTUROOT now adds Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) capabilities within the Variant Explorer to address this issue for growth-minded companies.

Users can now toggle on the BPMN Viewer from the Process Map View, instantly transforming their process maps into standardised BPMN diagrams. This feature bridges the need of data analysts and process implementers, facilitating clearer communication and more seamless execution of process improvements.

The ability to download these BPMN process maps in both .bpmn and .svg formats further enhances collaboration, allowing you to easily share and integrate these insights into your broader business process management initiatives.

BPMN in Variant Explorer: Bridging the Gap Between Analysis and Implementation - Variant Explorer Snap Shot - Futuroot

Dimension Analysis and Global Filter UI Revamp: Enhancing User Experience

Including the Dimension Analysis feature in FUTUROOT demonstrates our commitment to providing more nuanced ways to slice and dice your process data. It allows for deeper insights into how different dimensions of your business processes interact and influence overall performance.

Simultaneously, the Global Filter UI aims to improve the user experience when filters are applied across the platform. For your senior leaders who value both depth of analysis and ease of use, these enhancements promise to make FUTUROOT an even more powerful yet accessible tool for driving process excellence.

Dimension Analysis and Global Filter UI Revamp: Enhancing User Experience - Futuroot - Variant Explorer Snap Shot

SSO: Streamlining Access and Enhancing Security

In an age where data security is paramount, FUTUROOT’s implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) reaffirms our obsession with protecting mission-critical data. SSO streamlines system access for your team members and enhances security by integrating with your existing authentication systems. For enterprises featuring FUTUROOT integration with multiple tools and platforms, SSO can significantly reduce the administrative overhead associated with user access management.

Process Benchmarking in FR-analytics: A Window into Business Growth

The new Process Benchmarking feature in FR-analytics is one of the most exciting additions in FUTUROOT’s July 2024 release. This tool is targeted at senior leaders focused on strategic growth. It allows you to add previously saved snapshots as new tabs, effectively creating a time machine for your process performance.

The snapshot dashboard replicates the default dashboard, providing a consistent view across time periods. Including trend analysis and comparison pop-ups offers a powerful means of monitoring business growth over time. The ability to seamlessly switch between snapshot and default dashboards facilitates one-to-one comparisons, allowing you to quickly understand how your processes have evolved and identify areas of improvement or decline.

For your executives tasked with continuous business improvement, this feature provides a data-driven foundation for strategic decision-making. It not only tracks the impact of process changes over time but also sets benchmarks and goals based on historical performance, presented in a time-lapsed format.

Process Benchmarking in FR-analytics: A Window into Business Growth - FR Analytics – Process Benchmarking Snap Shot

Smart Ideal Process: Automating Process Optimisation

This represents a significant leap forward in FUTUROOT’s process optimisation capabilities. By incorporating business parameters into the equation, FUTUROOT can now automate the creation of an ideal process. By allowing you to specify which KPIs and Activities are crucial for your business, FUTUROOT can now recommend ideal processes that align with specific business needs.

Available in both Variant Explorer and Ideal Process Management, this feature has the potential to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to reimagine your processes. For your senior leaders, this means faster implementation of process improvements and a more agile response to changing business conditions.

Variant Explorer Snap Shot for Smart Ideal Process: Automating Process Optimisation

Data Quality Sanity: Ensuring Reliable Insights

The new Data Quality & Sanity checks for manual event log uploads address a critical need in process mining: ensuring the reliability of input data. By providing header-level stats and automated quality checks based on column types, FUTUROOT now helps you quickly identify and address data quality issues.

This feature is particularly valuable for organisations with large, complex datasets from multiple systems and processes. Flagging potential issues at column and holistic levels through the Quality Report allows you to address data discrepancies before they can skew your analysis, ensuring that your process mining insights are built on reliable data and trust.

Data Quality Sanity: Ensuring Reliable Insights - Snap Shot

Dynamic Bottleneck Analysis: Flexible Insights into Process Constraints

The evolution of the Bottleneck Analysis into a dynamic feature represents a significant enhancement in FUTUROOT’s capabilities. You can now input Custom Time Values for any connector, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of where bottlenecks occur in your processes.

The ability to study bottlenecks based on Default Time, Time Delay, and Percentage Delay provides a multi-faceted view of process constraints. This flexibility allows you to align bottleneck analysis with the specific rhythms and requirements of your business operations.

Furthermore, the option to apply any connector as a Global Filter enables you to quickly focus your analysis on specific areas of concern, streamlining the process of identifying and addressing bottlenecks across your organisation.

FUTUROOT’s July 2024 release attempts to balance advanced analytical capabilities, enhanced user experience and automation features. It builds upon the process mining platform’s existing suite of powerful capabilities to help you have a competitive edge in an increasingly complex business landscape.

However, how does the potential impact of these new features benefit your organisation and transform the way you do business? Is this the key to unlocking the operational excellence and competitive advantages you have sought?

Dynamic Bottleneck Analysis: Flexible Insights into Process Constraints Snap Shot - Futuroot

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