Process Comparison

Compare Processes Across Organisation and Focus on the Right Ones

Processes can vary across organisation, both in time and by country. Detect the process that is functioning closest to the ideal model under real-life situations. Then benchmark the rest of the processes to it and drive incremental change.

Contrast the Processes Side by Side and Spot Issues Immediately

Based on the dimensional study from Process Conformance, FUTUROOT allows you to detect a process running closest to the ideal scenario and contrast it with one with deviations, setting a much clearer context for the existing violations.

You can compare both processes side by side and adopt the one with the least deviations to replace your faulty process.

Process Comparison Flexible Design

New flexible design of the Process Comparison feature allows the user to compare processes across different dimensions.

Several Dimension options exist for the user to select from for each process map. This helps the user compare the process for one dimension value with a value of a different dimension.

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