Variant Explorer

Don't Miss On Any Variation of Your Process

In the ideal world, processes run according to the prescribed rules. However, we don’t live in an ideal world. Learn how to spot all the process variants with FUTUROOT.

Processes Don't Have Only One Variant

You have your standard operating procedures (SOPs) documented and shared among the workers. Everyone should know what rules to follow and how to perform each step of the process. 

It seems quite straightforward and comprehensible on paper. Yet, the reality often differs from what’s on paper. 

Workers add new steps and don’t document them. A newcomer joins without proper training. One party omits what they perceive as a redundant activity in the process. Others tend to skip one level of approval, just because that is the reality of the everyday life of a business. Real-life processes differ from those on paper in multiple ways or so-called variants. 

Processes Don't Have Only One Variant

FUTUROOT Variant Explorer

Without event logs and process discovery techniques, you wouldn’t know about the different paths the process is taking. 

FUTUROOT Variant Explorer allows you to inspect the various unique paths or variations that have been followed as part of a specific business process.

Variant Explorer presents a simple interactive visualisation of the activity sequences within a process and integrates various KPIs, enabling you to analyse the process variations based on their outcomes quickly. 

FUTUROOT Variant Explorer - Variant Explorer

With Variant Explorer, you will get the following: 

Don't Limit Your Process Efficiency With Unnecessary Variants

Once you objectively see all the process variants based on the event logs from your business systems, you can make informed decisions about your process efficiency.

You can start the analysis with the following questions:

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