FUTUROOT’s July 2024 Release: Here’s What We Have in Store

FUTUROOT's July 2024 Release: Here’s What We Have in Store

In an era where operational excellence is the linchpin of corporate success, process mining has emerged as a crucial tool for organisations striving to optimise their workflows and stay ahead of the competition. FUTUROOT, a frontrunner in the process mining space, is set to unveil its July 2024 release, introducing powerful features that redefine how […]

Process Mining & Intelligent Automation: Helping Businesses to Be Sustainable by Design

Futuroot - Process Mining & Intelligent Automation Helping Businesses to Be Sustainable by Design

We live in an era where environmental consciousness is at its peak, and the single bottom line concept is fast leaving the ground for a call for more inclusive business practices. Consequently, today businesses are under immense pressure to be sustainable and environmentally friendly not only on paper but also through action.  While till now, […]

Process Mining: A Necessity for Modern Banking


In March 2023, the news of the collapse of one of the most prominent banks in the United States grabbed the headlines worldwide. At the heart of this undoing, it appeared, is the intuition’s perilously high exposure to long-term treasury bonds since 2021. This strategy is unsustainable in the current scenario of the Federal Bank […]

Models for Extracting Process Mining Event Logs With Privacy in Mind

With privacy regulations and compliance growing increasingly hawkish worldwide, the application of process mining must go hand in hand with due regard for privacy rights.     ‍Only then it will deliver a net positive impact on the organisational goals.      Specifically, extracting event logs from business systems is a critical step in process […]

Process Mining: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation

Organisations today are living through uncertain times. In an incredibly competitive market climate that is more connected and complex than ever, the imperatives to be compliant, resilient, and innovative weigh heavy upon businesses, irrespective of their size. As Jeff Bezos puts it, “in today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent.” […]

Ensuring Operational Efficiency & Compliance With Process Mining

Peter Drucker once famously said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Perhaps the observation is most pertinent for modern business systems where efficiency is defined by your ability to keep your processes transparent, accountable, and aligned to global operational standards. However, as your business processes grow in complexity, how do you manage […]

The Impact of Process Mining Across Different Industries

From multinational corporations to agile, tech-driven startups, organiwations are only as efficient as their key business processes allow them to be. Nevertheless, how is it possible to better understand and validate whether the internal workflows are functioning as intended? Indeed, as businesses grow in complexity by adding resources, technologies, and policies, it is no longer […]

New Features: Workforce Analytics, SmartPDF, Watchpoints, and More

We have made the data extraction process smoother, added task performance analysis, revamped process comparison, created SmartPDF optionality and set up watchpoints monitoring. Here’s a quick overview. Smart Connectors Connect, extract, transform – all under one roof with FUTUROOT’s Extraction functionality. It will help the FUTUROOT platform to integrate seamlessly with your source system, making […]

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